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We are an established independent private technology company that consists of engineers
whom are specialised in providing enterprise solutions and services.

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Services We Cater

Below are some of the main services we are proficient in which we cater efficiently

Cloud Services

We cater Cloud services such as AWS and Azure. We do have experts in such fields that are able to fulfil the necessary requirements such as the creation of Cloud infrastructures with specific requirements and requests.

Networking Services

We cater Networking services such as the configuration and setting up of software and servers or products such as switches and routers. Furthermore, our engineers have experience and are adept in creating network infrastructures as well.

Cybersecurity Services

We are able to cater to the importance of Cybersecurity needs in which our engineers are able to provide expert services. To name some examples are the configuring of firewall services and networks as well as hardening of servers.

Some of our larger projects

Below are some of the organisations, companies and sectors we have worked with that are on a largar scale




More About Our Services And Benefits

To let you understand what our company mainly caters and the benefits it provides, do read below! To know more in depth about each service we cater and if we are able to cater the services you require feel free to contact us for more information!

Network Infrastructure Design

Our engineers will come up with a design and proposal of a network infrastructure that suits the needs of our clients while making sure that it is also of the utmost quality. While ensuring that all software and cloud fundamentals are setup for receiving data and the start of the project as our engineers are proficient in cloud and networking software such as Azure and AWS.

Setting Up Of The Network

Our team will then get all the necessary hardware devices such as servers, routers, switches just to name some, to configure them and connect them to the relevant network with links together to ensure that there is no issue. While also ensuring that the sending and receiving of data traffic between them and the cloud have no issues and are up to the high standard as well after which we will start the installation and configuration of the software aspect such as printers and getting the users to join the new domains and servers to ensure that they have the suitable permissions to read and write data to it and such.

Enhancing Infrastructure Defences

For the last step we will then provide the necessary maintenance as well as the necessary checks to ensure that all software and physical devices and servers are connected well with defences to enhance the defences of the network such as hardening the servers and checking the resultant reports for loopholes to cover while also helping configure firewalls and encryptions to ensure that the network is safe to access to use as Cybersecurity is a must in the current and future ages of technology due to the utmost priority of protecting data from leakage and hackers. This will then allow our clients to use and access their network, data and software with a peace of mind.

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Our Goals

We are a private company made up of engineers and experts some of whom have years of experience with the goal and purpose to bring and make networking services easily accessible to companies and individuals while also making sure that their existing networking infrastructures are safe, well set up and well defended. This is to ensure that our customers have a peace of mind once the network services are accomplished.

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